30 of the Punniest 야짤 Puns You Can Find

It’s an intriguing concern, why put on rubber?

First off, I suppose it’s fantastic to begin with exactly what is rubber?

Rubber is really a organic material, made from the sap of your rubber tree. It’s collected, and addressed, rolled flat into sheets after which you can “vulcanised” which basicly indicates they incorporate sulphur and Cook dinner it in an oven!

Why make clothing from it?

Well, why not! It’s similar to almost every other content, it might be sewn, but extra very likely it’s glued alongside one another to generate garments. The glues used are certainly robust, as sturdy as the fabric it’s bonding collectively. Rubber used to be found being an “underground” materials to create clothes from, for fetishists only really, but now it’s receiving far more mainstream, it’s usually Employed in Movie and television to either Express “know-how”or “futurism” or perhaps “fetishism”.


An example of rubber being used in movies extensively would be The Matrix Trilogy. The vast majority of Trinity’s apparel in that was created by Reactor Rubberwear (www.rubber.com.au) as many the Matrix 야짤 was actually filmed in Australia.

So occur on, why would I wear it?